STRUM LINE is leaders in Instrumentation, safety, control, industrial automation and service provider, trusted by lot of clients for on-time delivery and high-quality supplier

We provide process solutions for control, mechanical, flow, level, pressure, temperature, optimizing processes in terms of economic efficiency, safety and environmental impact. Our customers come from various industries, including petrochemical, cement, chemical, power & energy, metal, oil & gas and water & wastewater.

Providing solutions for over 10 years, our wealth of application knowledge enables us to supply solutions to a variety of industries

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We connect customers with world-class solutions, superior technical expertise, and life-cycle services to our customers over the world with no limits.

Recognized as a market leader, we provide complete automation solutions to a wide range of industries, optimizing process efficiency, ensuring reliability and on-time, while maintaining and prioritizing a high standard of safety and customer satisfaction.  Our capabilities in process management, industrial automation, utilities expertise and digital transformation enable us to solve our customers challenges, keep their operations running safer and deliver improved and measurable business results.

STRUM LINE to link product knowledge with client application, assuring that your process goals are met and process improvement can be achieved. With the wide range of products and expertise, we provide simple application solutions enhanced with our capability to package fittings and knowhow to the products we provide:


  • Pressure/Temperature transmitters
  • Flow/Level
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Test equipment
  • Control valves
  • Fire fighting
  • Pipe
  • Bearings
  • Fittings and flanges
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Indicators
  • Positioners
  •  I/P converters
  • Flow measurement
  • and many more instruments and equipment